Columbus Police shoot; kill suspect in Adams County quadruple shooting

Randle Lee Roberts II (Source: Columbus Police Department)
Randle Lee Roberts II (Source: Columbus Police Department)

COLUMBUS/WEST UNION, OH - Four people are dead in a West Union home, and police say after the shooting the suspect fled to Columbus, where he shot three Columbus Police Officers this afternoon before being shot and killed.

The Sheriff's Office says George Stephens, 67, George's daughter Sonja Stephens, 40, his daughter-in-law Kendra Stephens, 33, and niece Harley Stephens, 11, were found in the Adams County home on the 9800 block of State Route 41 shortly after 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

Police say that an 8-year-old daughter, somehow not killed in the shootings, discovered the bodies.

After the shooting police say the suspect, Randle Lee Roberts II, stole a vehicle and fled to the northeast side of Columbus. Police responded to reports of a drive by shooting in Mifflin Township, and officers from the area spotted the vehicle and pursued the vehicle. After a brief chase, Roberts crashed his vehicle in the rear of a house on the 1800 block of Genessee Avenue.  Randle Roberts fled on foot, but not before exchanging gunfire with the officer. That officer was not hit.

Officers from Columbus, Mifflin Township, Clinton Township and deputies from Franklin County  searched the neighborhood and confronted Roberts, who was armed. Police exchanged more fire with Roberts before Roberts was fatally struck.

George Stephens is the grandfather of Roberts' wife, Tiffany Walters. Walters resides in Columbus.

April Payne, the mother-in-law of the alleged shooter, said Roberts was hiding out at the house in Adams County because there are multiple warrants out for his arrest, and that US Marshals were always looking for him.

Columbus Police Sgt. Rich Weiner says one of the three injured officers has been released from the hospital and the others are in stable condition.

A forensic team is investigating the scene before the bodies can be removed from the home for autopsies. The Adams County Sheriff's Office says the 8-year-old survivor is currently in the custody of child protective services.

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