New girl-talk radio show hits the Tri-State airwaves

Move over boys, the Queen City has two new queens of talk radio. Meet the ladies who've created a new radio show in the Tri-State.

In a small studio of Walnut Hills, sit two grown-up girls talking. Real talk, about the hosts' real lives.

You could call Sheletta Brundige and Marye Heil, the Queen City's new Queens of talk radio.

Brundige created "Girl Talk" weeks ago. The Emmy Award-Winning writer has hosted radio shows in other cities, so when she moved to the Tri-State six months ago, she know exactly what Cincinnati needed.

Just what you're talking about with your girlfriends," said Sheletta Brundige. It's real light. But it has some weight to it."

She shopped the idea to Cincinnati's commercial stations; only WAIF 88.3 gave her a chance.

But Brundige needed another girl to talk to. Enter Sheletta's real-life realtor Marye.

It's about finding a woman who's honest enough to be herself and who she is," said Brundige. "She's not going to put on any airs and try to pretend she's someone on the radio that she is not in real life. You know, because the show is about being real. And I think people who listen to it will pick up on it if we start acting like we're the Atlanta housewives. You know, driving leased car when we got the Toyota in the back."

"I don't have a Toyota! I have a Jaguar!" said Heil.

"I said me and my husband", Brundige said. "Yeah, she could be an Atlanta housewife. I could be the wife of Buckhead. Like the Buckhead wives."

But the show isn't all fun and games. It starts with brainstorming, at the bookstore. After that, it's time to test their ideas at the one place every woman can let her hair down; the salon. Brundige and Heil turn that shop talk into girl talk every Thursday at four.

Both have big plans for the show. Time on a commercial station that'll allow them to let that local lady know, no matter what she's going through, she's got a girlfriend she can talk to.

"It's okay to be exactly who you are", said Brundige. "Straight hair, curly hair, nappy hair, Crow's feet in your breast or on your feet or on your eyes. It's okay. Be who you are and just be happy with that."

The show airs every Thursday at 4:00pm. You can also listen to it live online.

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