Friends of "Bones" host Jazz memorial march

David "Bones" Hebert
David "Bones" Hebert

NORTHSIDE, OH (FOX19) - Friends of David Paul Hebert, known to his friends as "Bones", are hosting a New Orleans Jazz memorial march in his honor today.

Hebert was a suspect in a cutting in Northside earlier this month, and when police confronted him, he reportedly pulled out a 13" switchblade out of his pocket and swiped it toward one of the officers and took a step.

A Cincinnati Police Officer then fired two rounds, killing Hebert. The Hamilton County Coroner says Hebert had a blood alcohol level of .33, and had marijuana in his system at the time of his shooting.

However, his friends are now accusing police officers of using excessive force in the situation.

Multiple investigations are underway, including a criminal investigation of Hebert, and investigations by an outside group into the actions of the police officers. The officers involved are on paid administrative leave.

Today's march and memorial runs until 3:30. Participants will walk from the corner of Chase and Virginia Avenues, southbound on Chase avenue, all the way to Hoffner Park.

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