Cincinnati woman asks for help for her hometown in Alabama

Alliea Phipps
Alliea Phipps

One of the most devastated areas from the deadly tornados last week was Arab, Alabama. That's also the hometown for Alliea Phipps, a Norwood woman. She was there at the time, visiting family.

"I didn't hear anything, and it was the darkest, well, that was the--it was this huge cloud that just plastered the sky. It was humongous. You know how they always talk about, I hear a train I hear I train. I didn't hear anything. But I saw this incredibly huge, well, it covered the entire sky and just came toward us," says Alliea.

Alliea says she has spent the last few days trying to help the people who have been devastated in the place she knows so well. She says it's an experience that will always stay with her.

"In a small community like that, you actually really do know everyone. Any you know, it's got its upside and its downside. As it happens, the five people who lost their lives, I knew the family," says Alliea.

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