Father of local soldier killed in Iraq speaks about bin Laden death

Keith Maupin and Renee Gerber
Keith Maupin and Renee Gerber

The father of a local soldier killed in Iraq spoke out about the death of Osama bin Laden.

Keith Maupin's son, Ssgt. Matt Maupin, was captured in Iraq in 2004. His body was found and identified and brought back to the United States in April of 2008.

Keith Maupin said he received several phone calls Sunday night when President Obama made the announcement that bin Laden was dead.

"It made me sad because I know Matt ain't here," he said. "But this guy's gone and he can't hurt anyone any more."

Maupin said Americans should be careful with their celebrations because of a possible retaliation.

Renee Garber of Clermont County, who has a son serving in Afghanistan right now, agreed.

"(bin Laden's) followers are crazy," she said. "And my son's serving in Afghanistan, so what will the retaliation be?"

Matt's mother, Carolyn, released the following statement: "I feel exhilarated for our troops who worked long and hard for this day.  However, I will feel better satisfied when the day comes (that)  the men on trial who took Matt's life meet their demise.  I also want to thank our boots on the ground for their hard work and dedication to this nation, and may God always be with them."

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