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Anderson International Corporation moving from Cleveland to Stow

The City of Stow is pleased to announce that Anderson International Corporation plans to move its operations from their current location on Harvard Avenue in Cleveland to the former Wheeler-Boyce building located at 4545 Boyce Parkway off of Commerce Drive in Stow. Mayor Karen Fritschel said, "This unique and growing company helps to further diversify our local economic base, and occupies a formerly underutilized building in the City. The relocation of Anderson International is one of several recent economic development successes that serve as testament to Stow's 'Business Friendly' approach to development, and we look forward to partnering with Anderson for years to come."

Anderson International was recently awarded a $25,000 Relocation Grant from the Stow Community Improvement Corporation (CIC). Kathy Sadler, the CIC President, and President of Sadler Corporation said, "The CIC is doing what it was designed to do - aid in carrying out of a company's desire to be in Stow. What a wonderful asset Anderson International will be to our city. We welcome them and their employees."

WHO: Anderson International was founded by Mr. Valerius D. Anderson in 1888. A true product of the Industrial Revolution, he invented a revolutionary new way to extract vegetable oil and fats through the use of a continuous mechanical screw press: the working basis of all mechanical screw presses currently in operation. Anderson's achievements and longevity have earned it worldwide recognition, and the Expeller®, invented by Valerius Anderson over 100 years ago, has become commonplace in the vegetable oil, rendering, and synthetic rubber industries. Anderson International has manufactured and sold machines to over 90 countries, and its process knowledge and continued improvements in technology and design assure that Anderson's customers will continue to relying on their goods, services and technology innovation for years to come.

WHAT: Today Anderson International Corp. is a heavy equipment manufacturer serving the synthetic rubber, vegetable oil, pet foods and animal feeds processing industries. Anderson exports 75% - 80% of their capital product production to Asia, South America, Central America, Europe, the Mid-East and Africa. Anderson International Corp. has been in business in NE Ohio for 123 years.

WHY: Lenny Trocano, President of Anderson International, said, "The move to Stow will provide Anderson with an opportunity to further control and reduce our operating costs, which is necessary to preserve our position in a very competitive international market. Additionally, a key factor that drives our growth and prosperity relates to Anderson's continuing commitment to customer service and R&D. This relocation to a more modern facility in an established industrial area enhances Anderson's ability to attract and retain new talent."

WHEN: This project is currently underway with completion expected by December of this year.



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