Clermont County responds to bin Laden's death

While the flags, ribbons, and banners hang in Clermont County year-round, Monday brought an even greater sense of Patriotism to the area as the news of Osama bin Laden's death spread.

At the Veterans Clinic, the news of bin Laden's death was the talk of the waiting room on Monday.

"On a day like today it's a military of one," shared Todd Sledge, spokesman for the clinic.

"It was a shock that it happened," said Navy Veteran George Drysdale.

Drysdale was nearly brought to tears learning the news of how the shoot-out went down.

"I heard this morning that it was a group of Navy seals," he said misty-eyed.

Drysdale said he was glad to see troops take down the extremist that had caused so much pain.

"This man was just so hateful and hated to so many people," he said.

"It is some closure," military mom Christine Roye said. "After being gone so long and having so many years transpire since things initiated."

Roye works at the VA clinic and joined with the veterans to celebrate the news Monday.

"It kind of rallies us all back together and [reminds us] why people serve in the military in the first place," Roye said.

Roye's husband and son are both are on tours in the Middle East for the Air force.

"The deployments that are over there are always a little concerning for any of us especially as a mom," she said.

As the flags wave across the county reminding people of the sacrifices it has taken to get today's celebration, Roye's hoping this will only be the beginning of the good news.

"As a mom I hoping that the deployments are less. I hope that they'll start bringing people home at a better, faster rate," Roye said. "Texas is his assignment so I'd much rather have him in Texas!"

In the meantime Roye says she is relying on her neighbors, the patriots of Clermont County to help get her through.

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