Bin Laden's death provides firsthand history lesson for students

It's a chapter that has yet to be written in the history books, but the death of Osama bin Laden provided a real life lesson in American history for students at Fairfield Senior High School.

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - In Mrs. Young's 6th period American Government course, the death of Bin Laden dominated the class discussion.

"I was just sitting in my room and my mom was like, 'Osama Bin Laden is dead' and, I was like, 'oh wow,'" said Fairfield senior Michael Hergehreter.
"It kind of worries me that maybe Al Qaeda will try to do something to avenge his death, but right now I'm really relived," said Fairfield senior Portland Cooper.
The seniors were in third grade during the 9/11 attacks, now seeing its mastermind's fall 10 years, they say it puts history into perspective.
"And you really start to realize how courageous the firemen and the police officers were that they ran into the burning buildings," said Daniel O'Bryan, a Fairfield senior.
In true teenage fashion, many students said they found out about bin Laden's death via text message and social media, then passing the news along by texting their own friends and family.
"And then I got more and more texts, and then finally the text that sent me off was a CNN alert, because I get CNN texts," said Fairfield senior Grant Sharratt.
"I got a text and I went over and turned on the TV," said Naomi Rossman, also a senior.
 So, as the next edition of history books are rewritten, Mrs. Young wants her students to realize how this defining moment will shape their country for years to come.
"They might not realize how important it is, but it's something that truly makes a difference to all of us," said American Government teacher Kim Young.
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