Local family who lost son in WTC reacts to bin Laden's demise

Brian Williams
Brian Williams
Ken Williams
Ken Williams

EDGEWOOD, OH (FOX19) - Ken Williams lost his son, Brian, in the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

The Williams family turned their personal tragedy into a success story. The community truly embraced the Williams after they lost one son in the twin towers and another son to a tragic accident.

News of bin Laden's death was not exactly reason for the Williams family to cheer, rather a reason to hope the bad guys will never get the last laugh.

Ken Williams got lots of emails and calls, once word of Bin Laden's demise got around. But it took only one word in a friend's email, to make his day.

"He said, 'Hallelujah!,' and it just made me laugh and smile," Williams said. "It just brightened my day."

Brian Williams was on the 104th floor in the World Trade Center when the attack happened.

"He had met the woman he was probably going to marry," Williams said. That was part of the last conversation they had. Now, nearly a decade later, news that his son's killer was taken out brought only a little bit of peace to their family.

"My first thoughts were, 'wow, we got him,'" Williams said.

It was late at night when he got the news and considered waking his wife Kate.

"And I said, well, we really haven't lost any sleep thinking about Osama bin Laden," Williams said. "So, we're not going to lose any sleep over him now either."

She would get the news Monday morning. Both said just because the number one guy has been taken out, does not mean the work is done.

"We're not unhappy that this happened but we're not jubilant in any sense of the word, because we will be jubilant when the war is over," Williams said. "And the war is not over."

"I don't know if justice was served," he said. "But I feel comforted to the extent that Osama didn't die in-comfort of old age."

Williams said his son is now in a place where he doesn't care about bin Laden's death.

"Life is really bittersweet," Williams said. "And I think Brian's in a place where it's just sweet and I don't think he cares. I think he's very happy up there."

Williams said he believes Jesus and Mohammed denied bin Laden together at the pearly gates.

"I hope they TIVO-ed his reaction when they told him how evil he was," Williams said. "Because it's down on my list when I get to heaven but I'd like to push that button and see that."

He said if his son were alive today, Brian would have been back at his alma mater Covington Catholic.

"He really wanted to go back to Covington Catholic and coach football there," Williams said.

And it was at Cov Cath, where friends and family have raised more than $2 million over this past decade, on behalf of his son Brian and another son Kenny, whom they also lost to tragedy, with the Kenny and Brian Williams' fund.

They've given out scholarships to families who have also endured tragic events, both coming in to Cov Cath and those moving on to college.

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