Voters to decide on school levies, other issues

(FOX19) - Some Tri-State voters are headed to the polls Tuesday for a number of issues, including several school levies.

School levies are on the ballot in Deer Park, Norwood, Little Miami, Loveland, Batavia and West Clermont.

The West Clermont school board has placed a 7.9 mill, 10 year emergency levy that if passed will generate 10.9 million annually. For homeowners, that means for every $100,000 your home is worth, you'll be paying $242 more a year than you do right now.

The district has already tasted defeat with several levies and has already made budget cuts because of the failed attempts.

Regardless of the outcome, the district will cut $2.4 million from next year's budget, eliminating 23 teaching positions, 11 staff positions and two administrative positions.

If the levy fails, another five million must be cut, meaning the loss of 80 classroom teachers and completely ending bussing for all high school students that live within two miles of school. The school board has also recommended an increase in fees for sports.

In the Little Miami District, the state commission overseeing the district already plans to cut 16 teaching jobs for next year to make up a $10 million deficit. More layoffs could come if the levy doesn't pass.

In addition, there are tax levies on the ballot for the Village of Cleves, Village of Elmwood Place, the Columbia Township Road District, Ross Township, Deer Park and the Village of New Richmond.

Polls are open until 7:30 p.m.

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