The 9 iPhone apps that can make your life easier

There are more than 300,000 apps that you can download to your iPhone, all designed to make your phone do more. We decided to take a look at 9 of them which could make your life easier.

9. Red Laser – This helpful app that helps you find the best prices when you're shopping. It scans the barcode of the item you're looking to buy and searches for the lowest prices online and in stores. It will even tell you the closest store.

8. The Daily Burn – This app allows you to record the amount of calories that you're taking in each day. It can even scan the barcodes of the food that you are eating and add the nutritional information that item to the log.

7. Heart fitness – This app uses the camera on the iPhone to measure your pulse rate. You put your finger on the flash and the camera can measure the rate of your pulse.

6. iAlcohol Lite – This app allows you to track your blood alcohol level. You type in your height, weight and how much you've had to drink and it will give you a guess about how long it will be before it's safe for you to drive.

5. E-reader – With this app, you can download thousands of free books, or sync up your kindle so you can read all the books that you bought with that on your phone

4. Find iPhone – This app is for you if you lose your phone a lot. It will find your phone if it is lost or stolen, and it can also be used if you really wanted to find out where your child is.

3. Trapster – This app could help you get a speeding ticket by letting you know when you are approaching speed traps, dangerous intersections, checkpoints or known locations of officers.

2. Aim – If you leave your tape measure at home, this app can help you measure things with your iPhone. All you do is select the top point and the bottom point and it will tell you what the height or width of an object is.

1. Air Cam – this app connects your web cam directly to your iPhone. For example, if you set up a web cam in your baby's bedroom you can view it on your iPhone, and you can check in from another room. If you don't have any kids, it can also be used as a surveillance system when you are away from home.

If you don't have an iPhone but have a Droid, don't worry. The same apps are available, but maybe under slightly different names.

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