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Rumpke plans for expansion as landfill overflows


Chances are, your trash ends up there.  Mount Rumpke is filling up fast.  So fast in fact, that even with an expansion in the plans space is limited.

"Twenty million customers, a 60 mile radius around the tri-state, and twenty thousand businesses," are served by Rumpke, according to Amanda Pratt, Rumpke spokesperson.

Rumpke's current landfill will be full in 13 years, that's 2024.  The eastern expansion will take 30 years worth of trash.  In 2054 there could be no where for Tri-State trash.  FOX19 spent time on the working floor of the landfill, where half of the trash that fills the landfill could be recycled.

"All of us need to get involved to make recycling work.  All of us make it cost effective.  All of us have to make decisions to participate in a recycling program," says Pratt. 

Rumpke recycling takes it all. 

"Plastics, aluminum, cardboard, cereal boxes, window envelopes, aluminum cans, steel cans, and glass," said Brad Dunn, Rumpke's recycling director.

Unlike the landfill, which is nearing capacity, the recycling center on Vine Street in St. Bernard is only operating at 50% capacity.  "We need higher participation rates. We need people to look at what they're generating as a household and get it to us and recycle it," says Dunn.

At the recycling center they sort, process, and package half a million pounds of recyclables a day.  But, it's not free.  Rumpke charges a few dollars a month. 

 "We've been doing this since 1989 and we probably broke even on recycling over the years because sometimes we don't cover our cost," says Pratt. 

But if more Tri-State residents recycled, it would save some space, and buy the landfill, more time. 

"Our landfills is near capacity keeps dwindling we've got capacity. Bring it we'll take it," she said.

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