Local Navy Seal offers insight to work of elite forces

The U.S. Navy Seals were the ones responsible for taking Osama bin Laden out. They are the Navy's Special Operations Forces, an elite group of fighters.

Jonathan Sanchez lives here in Cincinnati now but spent 6 years of his life as a Navy Seal.

Sanchez talked with FOX19 on the phone after landing in Annapolis for meetings.

He remarked how a local man in Annapolis told him, you could hear the Naval Academy erupt with joy and all sorts of noise, at bin Laden's death Sunday night.

Sanchez is proud of his "brother" Seals and knows first-hand the insanely tough work they do.

"A silent pride, you do the right thing, you work hard, you make it happen," Sanchez said.

He got the news driving in his car Sunday night.

"It was very exciting for all of us," he said. "Very, very proud, very proud moment in the brotherhood and just could not stop smiling ear to ear."

Osama bin Laden was dead.

"But I couldn't help but think about all the families of all the warriors that have sacrificed so much to get to this day," he said solemnly. "And we are so happy and we are so proud to know that this had happened."

Special Operations, like Navy Seals, along with elite warriors like the Green Berets or Army Rangers - it takes them all to get the job done.

"I think one thing we've learned in the special operations community," Sanchez said. "Is that every force comes to the table with unique skills."

Sanchez joined the Navy Seals in 2000 and less than a year later, the US would endure the September 11th attacks.

"I got to play in the sandbox if you will," Sanchez said. "I got to go overseas."

But he would not elaborate any further. Most missions go un-heard of, but played a huge role leading up to bin Laden's eventual demise.

"They're working their tails off to keep us all safe here," Sanchez said humbly. "I was lucky to be one of those guys, when it wasn't so publicized and so big."

"I'll say, I couldn't be prouder of the guys. I could not be more proud," he said. "I can't imagine to be honest with you, what it would be like to kick that door in, bullets are flying at a thousandth of a second, you don't have time to think a lot."

Sanchez said there is a humility and a silent pride about this elite fighting group.

"These guys are the most loving fathers, the most-caring husbands, and also the toughest warriors on the planet," he said.

"But know that, while time goes on and years and years pass, families continue to make great sacrifices for the safety of everyone else. and some random Sunday night, all of the sudden, here we are, and there's been a great thing done."

Sanchez works for Wells-Fargo here in town. He is an Ohio native. And just like the silent Navy Seal missions he used to go on, he and his Seal "brothers", Army Rangers and Green Berets, held a fundraiser at his home here in Cincinnati this past weekend.

They raised more than $40,000 for the yellow ribbon fund, which helps wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital.

Even after their years of service, their mission is never really over.

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