Fallen deputy properly honored decades after his death

More than 6 decades after his death, deputy sheriff Elmore David Pressley finally has gotten the accolades and the honors the sheriff's office says he deserves.

The department held a special service at Pressley's grave on Wednesday. There are no photos of Pressley, and no relatives attended his grave site service. Pressley died in the line of duty in 1994, during an incident in Lockland.

"There was a disorderly crowd that he was responding to by himself, probably without much communication because we didn't have radios on the shoulders back then. And then he went one on one with a guy who pulled a rifle and shot him in the abdomen," says historian Steve Kramer.

"It is very touching that an African American that may have been forgotten 66 and half years ago, is remembered today," says Col. Michael Puritan of the Cincinnati Police Department.

The historical society found out about Pressley's death when they acquired an old scrapbook of newspaper clippings.

"Steve Barnett found this grave. It was just overgrown in some place, bare patches in others, it had no marker whatsoever, and it was just in terrible condition for a fallen hero," says Kramer.

A new headstone was donated for Pressley's previously unmarked grave.

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