Little Miami parents seek to move out of district

MORROW, OH (FOX19) - Little Miami parent Matt Fein wants the best possible education for his two daughters Lexi and Madison, so much that he's willing to move out of the district to get it.

"We have two girls, one is just now in Kindergarten at Little Miami, and they're starting to see the cuts, and getting things cut away like music, art and we have another daughter that will be starting next year," Fein said.
Fein built his family's five bedroom home in Loveland himself, now three years later he's trying to sell it, all for the sake of his daughter education.
"I'm taking a huge loss on the house for my daughter future, to get them a better education, and try to get them to a district that can provide better opportunities for them," Fein said.
Fein's realtor says families are willing to suffer the loss to gain a better education for their kids, and with the district's 8th levy failing it only solidifies the decision many families are making to move to neighboring districts,
"I would say their first choice seems to be Kings, which is a neighboring district, and then Loveland and Mason are right there, as of 1:00 pm  today I'd already had five additional people contact me inquiring about selling their property, the sad part is, it's a great community," Hildebrand said.
Realtor Kevin Hildebrand says families like the Feins love the community and the area, but schools are their priority.
"They've failed a levy for the 8th time and classes are getting cut, library, art class gym class, things like that are being taken away from the kids, and people want to move and get their kids into a different area," Hildebrand said.

The Little Miami School Board and the state commission will meet next week to discuss the next steps the district will take.

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