Judge halts $500 monthly payment for Mayor's car

Mayor Mark Mallory
Mayor Mark Mallory

A Hamilton County Judge has agreed to stop a $500 monthly payment for Mayor Mark Mallory's car, at the mayor's request.

On Tuesday, Mayor Mallory filed a suit to determine whether it is legal for the Mayor to receive health insurance and a $500 monthly car allowance. This was at the insistence of the anti-tax group COAST, who claims the payments are an illegal addition to Mallory's $121,000 salary.

On Thursday, a temporary restraining order was issued on the car allowance, which would prevent Mallory from receiving the $500 a month.

Mallory says he had to take the issue to court to have the payments stop, but COAST representative Christopher Finney says all he had to do was not request the allowance, instead of filing a legal suit.

The case will head back to court May 16.
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