'Mr. Coupon' helps families save in those tough economic times

VILLA HILLS, KY (FOX19)  - Many families living in the Tri-State say they're strapped for cash these days. The government confirms the prices of food, gas, and clothes have all increased this year.

Northern Kentucky father Brent Ard said he recently lost his job, and now his family has had to cut back on just about everything.

"No more fast food," said Ard. "No more just driving around. It's really tough."

Marilyn Matisz agreed.

"I cut back on the groceries, buying clothes, and things like that," Matisz said.

They've cut back, but you can't cut out everything. That's where "Mr. Coupon" says he can help.

He's a Villa Hills father who has become the king of saving money in the Queen City and beyond. Nathan Engels uses coupons to buy want he needs and what he wants.

"I use them everywhere," laughed Engels while standing in his garage full of can goods and shelves of toiletries. "And it's not just groceries. You know, while traveling, I look for deals. I always say savings is intentional. You have to want to save money."

Engels said he saves at least 50-percent each time he hits the grocery store.

"Your second biggest expense outside of your mortgage is your grocery bills so if you can cut that in half, why not?" Engels said.

He said it's all about planning ahead. Engels' said that means you if you have a coupon for the product, you should buy it that day even if you don't need it, because why buy it tomorrow when it's free today?

His advice couldn't come at a better time. Engels told Fox19 that he taught himself how to clip coupons four years ago when he and his wife were $15,000 in debt. Now, they've stockpiled groceries and major savings.

The Angles have also created a website to help you do the same.

Check out: "WeUseCoupons.com"

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