Local psychologist reacts to Osama bin Laden's death

In the moments after we learned of Osama bin Laden's death, we saw people around the country take to the streets. We saw others overcome with sadness and pain, transported back to those dark hours in 2001.

Since then, our nation's had a collective conversation about every aspect of the event, right down to weather or not we should see proof.

"It's the moral equivalent of a war victory, even though we haven't--significantly, I don't think, altered the level of risk that we are experiencing," says Karl Gutenberg. He's head of the psychology department at Xavier University.

"What's normal, what's abnormal, that varies so much," says Stukenberg.

Karl says its OK to question how our culture should react to this news. He says this week has been an excellent chance for our society to ask questions of itself.

"This has struck a nerve, and well, I don't know that I necessarily predicted it, but it makes sense to me," says Karl.

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