Rising gas prices causing Lakota families pain since district busing was cut

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - Rising gas prices have taken a toll on many families in the tri-state. For parents in the Lakota District it has become more difficult because they are now driving their kids to school because of busing cuts.

Lakota West Junior, Ben Rubinoff says his 15 minute drive to school has escalated into an extra expense he wasn't expecting.

"I actually split the gas bill with my parents so I do end up paying for a good portion of that, so I'm feeling the toll of it as well," said Rubinoff.

Rubinoff lives in one of the farthest point in the districts and technically has a Cincinnati address. He says with the elimination of high school busing, parents and students who have to drive 15 to 20 minutes like he does, are facing a huge gas bill.

"The gas prices, that's going to have even a bigger impact on the ability to drive to school," said Rubinoff.

With gas over $4 a gallon, Lakota parents who previously counted on busing are feeling the pinch.

"My son's busing got cut, so now we have to take him to and from school, and so that's put a big dent in our budget," said Wendy Holt, Lakota parent.

Parents at Lakota East High School who line up to drop-off and pick-up their kid's everyday say the rising gas prices and the cuts to busing are "a double whammy."

"It's definitely a double whammy, with all the school fees, the sports fees, everything going up, and then in addition having to pay higher gas prices, it's really difficult," said Holt.

Parents in the district say they are relying on carpooling to ease the burden.

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