Plans to make casino neighborhood friendly

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - When it comes to the building of Cincinnati's first casino, developers want to make the area around the site attractive, friendly and thriving.

A group called "Bridging Broadway" just did a round of studies on that very topic.

"Ultimately, it's really to overcome the casino island effect, where people just go, they gamble, they park, they leave," says Steven Samuels.

The Pendleton neighborhood got the most focus from the Bridging Broadway studies. Developers say that residential section of Cincinnati will have the most to gain from casino development. The studies floated ideas to city leaders about green spaces, cafes, townhouses, and redevelopment.

"We also need to identify opportunities for new development to occur as a result of all of the focus in this area, and so we are going to identify some areas in Pendleton and Over the Rhine which really could benefit from investment," says vice mayor Roxanne Qualls.

The details of Bridging Broadway's plan came out at a public meeting held Monday afternoon at the Contemporary Arts Center.

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