West Clermont school board talks budget cuts

The West Clermont School Board met Monday night to talk about budget cuts.

The meeting happened less than a week after the district's latest attempt at a levy failed. Board members need to cut almost $5 million more from the budget.

The board may have to eliminate more positions and dissolve some of the districts smaller schools.

Many parents are pointing the finger at the board for the district's troubles, but board members defended themselves, saying they are just playing the cards they've been dealt by the state.

Forty teachers are on the chopping block. The district also plans to go to state minimums in transportation, meaning all high school students and younger students that live within two miles of school will not have busing.

The school board also discussed a dramatic raise for pay-to-play fees for school athletics. Right now, fees for high school athletes is $50. That cost could rise to $495.

The district could also shut down schools 30 minutes after class is out. The district says that move will save the district nearly $325,000 in energy costs.

The board did not vote on the reductions meeting, Also at the meeting, board members said if the district elects not to cut transportation, they could be forced to cut 76 teacher's jobs.

The next board meeting is May 23.

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