Stop stick use in the Tri-State

DELHI TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Following the deadly car chase in Warren County, FOX19 took a look into the use of stop sticks as a chase-halting tactic.

In the township of Delhi, each police cruiser is equipped with a set of stop sticks.

"No matter how you throw the stop stick out in the roadway, regardless of which direction it lands there are spikes that will come up that will penetrate the tire," Lt. Darryl Haussler with the Delhi Police Department explained.

Haussler says it then takes 20 to 30 seconds for the tire to deflate.

"It's a combination of the tire running over it and the spikes coming out [that] will actually penetrate the tire," Haussler said. "[That] creates just a hollow tube, a port for the air to escape in a controlled manner."

While the mechanics may be simple, timing is everything.

"The last thing you want to do is deploy too soon because your grandmother now has four flat tires that are not repairable," Steve Jarvis, instructor at Beckfield College explained.

Jarvis teaches firearms and tactics at the college and says while being too fast can be a detriment, being too slow can also cause problems.

"If you deploy too late you've wasted your time, you have to pack it up, get back in front of your suspect and deploy them again," he said.

Jarvis says officers are not only limited by time when using the device, but by space as well.

"You can't be in the next county when you deploy the sticks, you're pretty darn close unfortunately," he said, adding that danger is an understood aspect of the job.  "We're in a business where if something bad happens, somebody else is running away from it, cops and firemen are running towards it."

Covington and Bellevue police departments say they do not use Stop Sticks, while Cincinnati city police say stop sticks remain in use.

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