Police officers and stop sticks: Sgt. Dulle is 4th since 2006

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Warren County Deputy Sgt. Brian Dulle is the fourth local police officer who was either injured or killed in an incident involving stop sticks since 2006.

Sgt. Brian Dulle is the only one who has died.

The three other officers include Lockland Police Officer Brandon Gehring, Former Cincinnati Police Sergeant Bryce Bezdek and Former Boone County Deputy Jeremy Walker.

In April 2009, Lockland Police Officer Brandon Gehring was hit by a West Chester Police Officer as he was trying to throw out stop sticks during a chase. Gehring spent his recovery at the Drake Rehabilitation Center. He has since returned to work.

In November 2007, former Cincinnati Police Sergeant Bryce Bezdek was critically injured on I-75 Southbound, near the Western Hills viaduct, while laying out stop sticks.

Bezdek also recovered at the Drake Center, and is now a motivational speaker and author.

In April 2006, former Boone County Deputy Jeremy Walker was injured trying to pull stop sticks off of I-75.

"I deployed stop sticks, he ran over 'em and continued southbound," said Walker.

It was when Deputy Jeremy Walker went to retrieve the stop sticks from the highway when an inattentive driver hit him.

"By the time I looked he was three feet of me and coming at me. There was nothing I could do," he said.

He still has the uniform he was wearing that day, stained with blood. Walker had a broken arm, two skull fractures and subdural hematomas. He retired after that, but says he is thankful that he is still here, and alive.

"I know what my family went through and I survived. I can't imagine what they're going through," said Walker, when he was asked about the Dulle family.

Walker says he believes stop sticks are the best weapon police have to stop a fleeing vehicle. He supports their use, and says the sticks aren't to blame.

"Whoever this person is, needs to be charged with murder just like he pulled a gun out and shot the guy dead on the road. Absolutely," said Walker.

The man who Jeremy Walker threw the stop sticks out to stop was paroled in November.

Walker says a day doesn't go by that he doesn't think about what happened that day.

He says he hopes that by talking about it, and making others aware of similar situations, drivers will be more aware and more alert when they come across a similar situation.

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