Covington police officer speaks out about layoffs

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Covington police officer Justin Edwards just bought a house in Florence. He says it is his dream home, but he's worried now about how he'll pay the mortgage.

Edwards just found out he'll likely be laid off by the city of Covington.

"I've been trying not to let it hinder my job performance, I've been trying to focus on the job," says Edwards.

His is one of eight police positions that will be cut to balance the budget.

"I'm not really angry at all, I am just taking it day by day to be honest with you," says Edwards.

He's also getting married in a few short weeks, and wonders how he will support his new wife. He's 22.

"You've just got to take one thing at a time, though,"says Edwards. He's been talking a lot with his fellow officers about what to do. He's been on the force for there years: two as a cadet, one as an officer.

"I'm not going to get this get me down. I am just going to keep looking for a new job. There's opportunities out there for me, so I will just try to find something else," says Edwards.

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