Local business owners react to casino construction pause

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Leonard Weinstein relocated his small pawn shop to Reading Road 2010 in part because he saw a future economic boom coming from the casino. He saw a way to cash in quick.

"People are always, well, they are going to be pawning all the time. Our customers now, they go to Hollywood casino and they are always pawning all their merchandise and going out there, sometimes coming back with a win, and getting their merchandise out, and other times they are pawning more things because they lost," says Weinstein.

Now, nothing but a big construction site sits steps away from his front door. And he said there's no easy way to attract customers to a pawn shop he says is isolated from a central attraction for business.

"I might be out of business. We will have to wait and see what happens," says Weinstein.

But not everyone making a living downtown worries about a no-go casino. Over at Park + Vine, the business of selling eco friendly goods and boho chic products is good.

"It's tough to anticipate what the real impact is because it's not here," says owner Dan Korman.

He has adopted a "hold all your cards" attitude about the prospect of a casino. He says, he learned a lot from this tough economy.

"What we can place bets on is that there are more people moving into the neighborhood, especially on Main Street, and that more small business that are similar to ours, that are attractive to a similar person are opening near us," says Korman.

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