Benson Weighs In on Palmer

Cincinnati (Fox 19) "Love ya, but don't bother coming back."  That's basically what Bengals running back Cedric Benson said about Carson Palmer in a recent interview on Sirius radio.

Asked about the possibility Palmer may not retire and instead might choose to play again in Cincinnati, Benson said "I love Carson Palmer to death. He's supported me and taught me a lot but I think when a guy expresses himself as strongly as he has it's almost not healthy for the team to bring him back. He's already expressed his disgust. To bring him back would only be detrimental to the team and to him."

In January, through his agent, Palmer made it known that he's not interested in playing out his contract for the Bengals and did ask team owner Mike Brown to be traded.  Palmer has said he'll retire from football before he'll play in Cincinnati.

Benson is a free agent and has said he would love to stay in Cincinnati for the right deal.

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