Kentucky Lottery announces new game

LOUISVILLE, KY (FOX19) - The newest Kentucky Lottery game – which will only be available for less than four weeks – is going to have one big winner who will claim half the cash from raffle sales.

Named the "Kentucky Lottery 50/50 Split the Pot Raffle," the game went on sale May 13.

"It plays just like the split the pot raffles that have been around forever," said the Kentucky Lottery's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Steve Casebeer. "It's a simple game – one winner takes half the pot, and it's unlike anything we've ever offered.

The $10 game is only on sale for a limited time. Sales will end at noon on June 10, and a winning six digit number will be drawn that afternoon.

"We wanted this game to have a short run, so players shouldn't wait to get a ticket," Casebeer said.

Players can check the current pot amount at the lottery's website, as well as at retail locations. Tickets will be sold in numerical order, so players will not be able to choose their own numbers.

The same is modeled after a similar one offered last year in Michigan. That $5 game generated $2.6 million in sales, with a $1.3 million prize.

"We believe players will really enjoy this exciting new game, and we'll be monitoring it to see if it's a concept we want to pursue," said Casebeer.

If this raffle goes well, Casebeer said there's a possibility it could become a game offered for four weeks each quarter.

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