Families enjoy Kings Island daily


Whether you're a thrill seeker, or just seeking out some time with the family, patrons can now visit King Island seven days a week.
"My favorite ride is the Diamondback," said Joseph Morris, who was visiting Kings Island with his family.
Coasters like the Diamondback will never go out of style, but the new kid on the block is Dinosaurs Alive.
 "I like dinosaurs because they're pre-historic creatures, I like all creatures," Morris.
"It's going to be the world's largest animatronic dinosaur park it's going to have more than 60 life size dinosaurs inside a 12.5 acre wooded area," said Don Helbig  of Kings Island.
Families like the Morrises can't wait for the may 26 opening.
" I like the t-rexes," said Jake Morris.
Workers are putting the finishing touches dotting every I and crossing every T-rex 
The other new ride waiting in the wings is the Windseeker, park officials are still doing some fine tuning to the 301 foot tower , but there's still no time table on when it will open.
"It still has to go through the testing and the commissioning process, as soon as that's finished, we'll be able to get the ride open but, weather has not been our friend this Spring as everybody knows, and so we're hopeful of being able to get the ride open here soon," Helbig said.
And park officials say the higher gas prices more than a dollar over last year may actually attract more patrons looking to save money.
"When things like the gas prices have been up a little bit, it almost bodes will for seasonal attractions like a kings island, people tend to stay closer to home, they still want to have fun they still want to do things together as a family," Helbig said.
Friday was the earliest Kings Island has ever opened for daily operation, in year past patrons have had to wait until Memorial Day weekend. The park continues daily operation until August 28.
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