Woman Upset After Five Puppies Killed

Mugging for pictures. That's what Anna Speier remembers most about this loveable dog she took in several months ago as a stray puppy.

"Anyone who came around - smile Zoie - and she would smile," said Speier. "T
he smartest dog I've had in my life. She deserved better than what happened to her."

What happened - brings tears to Anna's eyes.

Earlier this month - Anna decided to give Zoie - her five puppies and Kiza - another stray she took in - all to the Kenton County Animal Shelter. I

could not even drive them there. I had my boyfriend do it."

Anna says she was assured the kennel would try to find them homes. That same day - though - Zoie and her puppies were put to sleep. Anna wanted some answer so she called FOX 19.

"I was under the impressive that if the dogs weren't adopted that i would take them back and find them homes," she told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

"It's really a sad situation," said Aileen Summe who runs the shelter. Summe says Anna's boyfriend signed a release - understanding that the dogs may be killed. Summe says - on that day - there were not enough kennels to house Zoie or her puppies.

"It depends on space and space is always an issue here."

By law - Summe says strays at least five days. All other dogs - are at the mercy of available space. As for Zoie's pups - Summe says they rarely keep nursing puppies.

"They're exposed to all kinds of diseases. Not healthy place to be."

Anna says wishes she understood the kennel's policy before it was too late. Since then - Anna has officially adopted Kiza.

Sussi reports that before you take animals to any shelter make sure you understand it's policies. If you're concerned about the animals being put to sleep, Sussi suggests you find them a home yourself or take them to a no-kill animal shelter.