Business missing out on sunny summertime sales

SEDAMSVILLE, OH (FOX19) - May is supposed to be one of the best months for landscaping-focused businesses, but with all of the rain and nasty weather in the Tri-State lately, many people have been staying inside rather than digging in the dirt. As a result, some businesses say they are losing out on prized springtime sales.

At Firehouse Nursery in Sedamsville, Doug Kohls says business has taken a rain check. "Usually there's that spring fever, cabin fever thing that goes on," said Kohls. "April and May everybody wants to get out of the house, get in the yard, and do their thing. We really haven't had that window this year for any length of time."

While the sales are slow, Kohls says he is saving money elsewhere. "Usually by this time of year I am usually irrigating every day, sometimes twice a day," he explained.

With all of the rain we have seen though, he has only turned on the H2O a handful of times in the last month and a half. "Nature's done very well at keeping everything green for me," he admitted.

Making the green can be a different story, however. Kohls says his weed-killing lawn service business is a wash. "That's pretty impacted because you can't spray a yard when it's pouring rain," he explained.

Kohls says he is counting on a change-up in the forecast for a better business outlook. "If Mother Nature would subscribe to my syllabus of water at night, sunshine during the day, everything would be great," he joked.

Kohls says the reality is that the clock is ticking to rake in summer season business. "I think the biggest fear right now is that the weather doesn't break and we get to the point where people say 'It's spring, and now its summer, I don't want to do this'," said Kohls.

He says if gardeners can brave the less than ideal weather, now is actually a great time to get some planting in. Kohls says the rain will take a load off of gardeners and help their plants settle into their new homes with minimal help.

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