High gas prices means more people taking the bus

Hundreds of commuters have elected to take the bus because of high gas prices. The West Chester Express is part of the Metro Bus System, and has seen dozens of new riders over last few weeks.

"Between gas prices, wear and tear on the car and the cost of parking when you get downtown, the bus just makes more sense," said Randy Smith.

New riders like West Chester resident Kathy Henderson are trying out a cheaper way to commute.

"Two or three weeks ago I started riding the bus because it became very expensive," said Henderson. "My gas prices for my truck were $70 per week."

The bus has meant less financial stress for Henderson as well. She said she saves $30 a week by riding the bus.

"Until it [gas prices] comes back down to like $2 a gallon, I can see me continuing to catch the bus," said Henderson.

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