Teen faces six months in jail for hosting underage drinking party

LOVELAND, OH (FOX19) - Miami Township Police are investigating a crash involving 19-year-old Sterling Bourne.

Police say early Sunday morning Bourne was driving drunk when his car hit the garage portion of a home at 774 Bramblewood Drive in Loveland. The crash caused extensive damage to the home and another car.

Police say Bourne was coming from a party hosted by 18-year-old Andre Altaly, a senior at Loveland High School.

Miami Township cited Altaly under the Ohio Keg Law for providing the alcohol to Bourne and other underage drinkers.

The keg law falls under the Ohio Revised Code and states: "No person who is the owner or occupant of any public or private place shall knowingly allow any underage person to remain in or on the place while possessing or consuming beer or intoxicating liquor."

"It doesn't matter whether they provide the alcohol or whether the alcohol is brought by the underage person themselves, it's providing a location for them," says Sgt. Al Fatute with Miami Township police.

The driver, Bourne, was cited for operating a vehicle while impaired, an OVI.

No one was hurt in the crash.