Politicians team up to bring chemical to bedbug fight

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Two politicians from opposite sides of the aisle teamed up to fight bed bugs in a press conference held Tuesday morning.

During the press conference, Republican Congresswoman Jean Schmidt and Democratic State Representative Dale Mallory called on the EPA to solve the problem.

The pair is advocating that the EPA allow a product called Propoxur back on the market. It was taken off the market in 2007 because of potential health risks.  But Schmidt says Propoxur could have prevented fires like the one Sunday in Carthage, when heaters used to kill bed bugs burned the house down. At that house, exterminators used a technique that heats a home to 135 degrees in order to kill bedbugs. In this case, the heater destroyed this family's home.

So what do the experts think about Propoxur, is it the solution to bed bug woes?

Glenn Sherzinger of Good Thing Pest Control says, "No matter what product you use its good treating technique and understanding the insect and knowing exactly where to place the product that is key to solving the problem."

Propoxur was pulled from the market a few years ago because of health concerns caused by exposure to the chemical, like nausea and vomiting.

"Is it a harmful product? I don't believe so but any chemical used improperly can be harmful," said Sherzinger.

So Sherzinger says if Propoxur were brought back to the market to fight bed bugs, it should be left to the experts, and not stocked on the shelf at a hardware store.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture has also asked the EPA to allow the use of Propoxur by exterminators.

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