Poll: Gas prices affect Memorial Day travel plans

(FOX19) - A new survey shows about a third of Americans will be traveling for Memorial Day weekend, but gas prices are affecting some of those plans.

The survey from TripAdvisor shows 33 percent of Americans plan to travel on Memorial Day weekend, up from 29 percent last year.

Of those who are traveling, 21 percent of respondents will drive to their Memorial Day weekend destinations.  Of those driving, 71 percent will travel more than 100 miles, and 23 percent will drive more than 300 miles.

Nationally, 29 percent of travelers said rising fuel prices have affected their Memorial Day travel plans. Fifteen said they are not planning to travel as a result, and seven percent will take a shorter trip by car.

TripAdvisor also announced today the results of its annual summer travel survey of more than 2,000 U.S. respondents:

  • 86% of travelers are planning leisure trips this summer, up from 83% that said they traveled last summer

While most Americans appear committed to taking vacations this summer, they are conscious of gas prices:

  • 39% said the rising cost of fuel is affecting their summer travel plans
  • 18% of respondents expect to take fewer trips by car
  • 12% intend to take shorter driving trips
  • 5% are not planning to travel at all this summer, as a result of rising fuel prices.

The majority of U.S. travelers expect gas prices to continue to rise throughout the summer   

  • 76% expect gas prices to hit at least $4.50 per gallon for regular fuel
  • 26% predict prices at the pump will reach $5 per gallon
  • 13% foresee prices exceeding $5 per gallon
  • 18% said they will bypass car trips if gas prices reach $5 per gallon
  • 20% said they will avoid road trips if costs exceed $5 per gallon

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