Blind zone dangers

(FOX19) - Four years ago, a young girl in Harrison died when a car backing up accidentally ran over her.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital says 37 kids in the past 15 years have been injured in backup accidents. It can happen quickly, especially for larger cars like vans or SUVs.

FOX19 placed cones behind drivers as they were backing out of a parking spot to see if they could spot it in an area referred to as the rear blind zone. Several drivers said they didn't see the cones.

"No, I didn't (see it)," said Anita Bradford of Elsmere. "I was in the trunk and everything but no, I didn't see it."

"I never did notice it," said Cheryl Simpson. "How long was it there? Was it there when I put my stuff in the car?"

And that's a problem with larger cars such as minivans, SUVs and pickups, which have rear blind zones ranging from 28 to 50 feet.

If a child is in that blind spot it's harder for drivers to spot them.

Car manufacturers are getting up-to-date with the latest in safety standards and new vehicles are coming equipped with cameras and rear sensors.

Backup cameras and sensors are among some of the newest technology.

"You have a wide angle view, you have a normal view," said Nick Brazel, a car salesman.

The sensors will activate when something is behind the vehicle, letting the driver know something is in the way.

"If you're in a driveway, the bicycle, your child, the family pet, whatever it may be, it's going to keep that 5 foot buffer," said Brazel.

Drivers say the new technology was a great idea but so is being extra careful when backing out.

"Just slow down and keep your eyes open," said driver Lori McHugh.

You don't have to purchase a new car just to get the latest technology. There are plenty of companies that have made backup camera systems that you can add to your own car.

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