Travel agents say they can help families save during travel season

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Who doesn't want a beach vacation this year? Megan Stacy sure does. But she, like most of us, wants to make sure she's getting a deal--especially now that gasoline is not on the cheap side.

"When gas prices are more expensive, it kind of changes what hotels you are looking at and so it's just nice to know ahead of time, what plans you are making and how much things are going to cost," says Stacy.

Over a Holiday Cruise and Travel in Anderson Township, Debbie Ulbrich says she tries to find travelers a good deal.

And she says, a travel agent can often find the best vacation for a budget-- especially when a client needs direction on where to travel.

"There are so many things that we can do within a budget that most people do not think that we can do," says Ulbrich

So what are Debbie's recommendations this summer?

For a family of four wanting to spend about $1500, she says Gatlinburg, West Virginia, New Orleans, and Niagara Falls are all good options.

For a family of four willing to spend $2500, she says a family can look into Florida, South Carolina, and even an all inclusive in Mexico.

"Most of the time, a travel agency will be less than an Internet price. It definitely is less," she says.

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