Tri-State Rich and Famous Bare All!

Ever wonder what Reds' announcer Marty Brennaman looks like in the bruff! Well - now you don't have too. The Civic Garden Center's nude calendar is out - and Marty bares all?

FOX 19 Reporter Tom Sussi explains.

Broadcasting icons. Politicians. And socialites. They are a few of the people featured in the Civic Garden Center's 2004 bare roots calendar. Reds' announcer Marty Brennaman. WLW's Bill Cunningham and Seg Dennison - and the rest of these brave - naked soles - bared all to raise money for the Center's programs.

"If you can have this much fun raising money - we're in good shape," said Mr. August, City Councilman Jim Tarbell who posed with his wife, Brenda. But - come election time - will this image of Jim Tarbell and his wife help garner him votes? Or will his support wilt away?

"God only knows. I may lose it on this one. But as long as we make money that's all right," said a fully-clothed Tarbell.

Miss April - Melody Sawyer Richardson - was supposed to be Miss December. But there was a slight problem when she was wrapped up in Christmas tree lights.

"As soon as you turn them on - for the first five seconds - it's great. Then it absolutely fries you. Really hot," says the long-time arts supporter.

But Mr. March - Dave Gamstetter - really went out on a limb for his photo. He posed naked in a tree.

"Any splinters," Sussi asks. "No splinters but kids don't try this at home."

And what about Marty? Is the flower pot covering his manhood just a prop - of did The Hall of Famer really get buck naked? Insiders say Marty was raw - and liked it.

"So Marty was eager to bare all," asks Sussi. "Marty was eager to bare all. I think he lives on the edge," said Civic Garden Center's Judy Mitchell.

The Civic Garden Center sold 5,000 calendars last year and expects to double that this year. In fact - there's already plans for a 2005 calendar.

"I think there's a wonderful family named Clooney we can try to work for," says Mitchell.
The 2004 calendars sell for $14.95, and are now on sale.