Reds fans speak out about possible ticket tax

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Reds fans shared their opinions Thursday on a possible new ticket tax to help pay for the downtown stadiums.

"Now you're going back and trying to figure out who's going to pay for this?" Jim Koch questioned. "I don't think the people are going to like this very much at all."

"I don't mind doing it, especially because I'm a huge Reds ran," Craig Smith shared.

Another fan added that coming back to tax payers to ask for even more money would be a bad idea.

"This is a private business issue that needs to be solved," Derrick Wilson said.

Reds fan Skip Gruner believes tax payers have played their part already.

"I think it's unfortunate in several ways because the city did vote in a sales tax to cover all of the indebtedness of building stadiums," he said.

Gruner has been going to Reds Games since the 1960's.

"The first ticket was like 75 cents to a dollar a ticket," he recalled.

Now Gruner wonders if an additional tax goes too far.

"They're getting double dipped," Gruner argued.

He says tax payers already voted to pay up though the sales tax of 1996. He says anymore and people might reconsider how often they take part in America's favorite pastime.

"It's going to affect a lot of marginal ticket people that are looking for nickels and dimes," Gruner argued.

Some fans, however, say they understand.

"You've got to pay to play," Marvin Mukes said. "If you're going to the game you've got to pay to play."

Mukes also looks back fondly on the days of cheaper tickets, but he knows they are going, going, gone.

"Reds Game? 5 bucks," he recalled. "I worked for the Reds when they were the Big Red Machine. Those days is over with."

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