Volunteers honored for finding Sgt. Brian Dulle's wedding ring

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - Charles Otis and Bill Baecker volunteered their own time to find Sgt. Dulle's wedding ring so it could be returned to his wife Abby.

The two men were honored Friday at the Warren County Sheriff's office.

Baeker and Otis didn't know the Dulle family, but felt it was their duty to find something that symbolized what the Brian Dulle loved so much, his family.

"The deputy gave his life protecting our community, it is the least I could do," said Otis.

Charles Otis, a postal carrier, spent several hours on Friday looking for the ring with no luck. Then Otis contacted a complete stranger, Bill Baecker. Baecker Is part of a group called the Dayton Diggers. He says on Saturday, the day of Dulle's funeral, he brought out his metal detectors, and found Dulle's wedding ring.

"It wasn't hard to see once I pulled the grass back, I could see the partial rim then when I rubbed my finger on the other side, it is exposed the whole rim of the ring," said Baecker.

Baecker has been searching for rare coins and other metal collectibles for years, but this find ranks at the top of his list.

"I would categorize this as my best find, simply because of the story with it and secure it for her to have and have a piece of Brian with her," said Baecker.