Motorsports Country Club hosts charity kart races

BATAVIA, OH (FOX19) - Several non-profit organizations are gearing up their fundraising efforts by staging kart race at Motorsports Country Club of Cincinnati.

The country club is usually only open to members but they are opening its doors to the public if they are participating in the various charities or the private team-building exercises by various companies involved in the races.

Last year 23 corporate functions and four charity fundraiser's were held at the county club from April to October, last year.

"Every one of the charity events has made money for the charity," said Dr. Greg Frese, a former president of the MCC and a current board member.  "Chris Blum of the Dan Beard Council of the Boy Scouts of America said they have raised $77,860 by doing events at the Motorsports Country Club of Cincinnati for the last three years.  He said they've never had a fund-raiser that netted them as much profit the first time they tried it.  A turkey shoot was their best fund-raiser before they tried this."

The karts used for the race are not concession karts, but professional Rimo Club karts. The club provides helmets for the fundraising and corporate events.

The charities sign up teams of two or four drivers to compete in the race. Smaller groups do 15 to 20 lap sprint races. The group's size limit is 100 people.

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