Sportscaster Tells Tom

"Bengals defensive line. Front four," says WLW Sportscaster Andy Furman. Andy Furman knows sports. He also knows where to go when somebody needs help.

Recently - Andy told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi about James Wright. Right now - James works at the Atlanta Bread Company downtown. W

hat James wants to do though is go to Mt. St. Joseph College to play basketball and get his degree.

The problem - is that James can't locate the results of a GED test he took back in 1998. Andy says James is a good guy who plays a mean point guard. So FOX 19 decided to help James track down those missing scores.

"At this point you don't know if you passed the GED," asks Sussi. "No, I don't," says James. James says he took the test through the Cincinnati Job Corps.

Bobbi Nunn is the Executive Director.

"Let me see what i can do," Nunn tells Sussi. Bobbi found James' intake card, but the GED records were shipped off to Chicago and stored long ago.

After more research. A

nd a few more telephone calls. B
obbi had some good news. James passed his GED!

"That's wonderful," she says.
Now it was time - to share the news with James.

"Got some good news for you," Sussi informed James. "You did pass your GED test. Are you serious," asks James. "Very serious," says Sussi.

"Man. I could hug you right now. This is great , man."

Next, James needs to send away for the GED transcripts and then apply to college. Through he's excited about the opportunity to play college ball, James says his top priority is school.