More than 100 people raced for a new Chevy Cruze

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - More than 100 people showed up the Chevy's Capture the Cruze event. Everyone wanted to drive off with the main prize, a new Chevy Cruze.

"Chevy's done this in a couple other cities," said Dan Polte, Organizer, "I think they did it out west. I know they did it in Texas. It's something that we did as our Tri-State Chevy dealers, our 14 Chevy dealers throughout the city here. We put it together just to be a great promotion."

The more than 100 people competed in teams of two. Chevy devised clues that were texted to the participants' cell phones to help them through the series of challenges. Participants competed the challenges quickly earned them points and took them one step closer to getting the keys to the car.

"I need the loan money to pay off my loans," said Jen Heckler, participant.

In the end, Chris and Ashley Buentello were the ones who won the Chevy Cruze.

"We're literally on one car that is eleven years old and we need this second vehicle so badly and just didn't have the finances to go out and get one," said Chris Buentello, winner of the Chevy Cruze, "This is just, it's a blessing, right now. Its immensely gonna change things for us."

Tri-State Chevy dealers with the help of FOX19, 700 WLW, and KISS 107 radio station, made this event possible.

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