School cuts possible in Winton Woods

WINTON WOODS, OH (FOX19) - More cuts are coming for local schools after the state is scaling back its payouts to Ohio schools.

Almost 40 people will be out of job when budget cuts are approved during the school board Monday night in the Winton Woods school district.

The reductions in staff are the direct result of the proposed state budget cuts by Governor Kasich.

Winton Woods is expected to receive $2.1 million less for the 2011-2012 school and $800,000 less in 2012-2013.

That lack of funding means 16 teachers, three administrators and 19 other classified staff members will be laid off by the district.

The cuts were proposed to the school board on April on 25 by Superintendent Dr. Camille Nasbe, but no action has been taken because of the current contract with the teachers union.

The contract states that there must be 30 days between announced cuts and official decisions.

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