Cincinnati Police targeting vehicles with unpaid parking citations

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police will begin targeting vehicles with unpaid parking citations on Wednesday, May 25.

Cincinnati Police Officers from all five districts will team their Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR) with tow trucks to find and impound vehicles with unpaid tickets. They will focus on vehicles with multiple delinquent tickets.

The operation will begin with a combined roll call and briefing where officers will receive lists of the target vehicles.  Then they will fan out to their respective districts and patrol areas with concentrations of on-street parking.

The ALPR indicates when a license plate with outstanding citations is observed.  The vehicle will be impounded, and the owner will have to pay the outstanding fines and penalties plus towing and any storage fees to get the vehicle back.

This initiative is an effort to resolve the large number of outstanding unpaid and delinquent parking citations.

There is a city amnesty program that will eliminate part of the cost if payment is made by June 30.

There are two online databases to search for fines or fees.

Visit  to search for any delinquent parking fines that were incurred before July 1, 2010 by searching the full or partial name of a person and/or license plate number.  While the parking amnesty runs through the end of June, citizens with multiple unpaid parking tickets should understand that cars can be towed at any time. Citizens will be required to pay the original amount of the ticket, plus an impoundment fee of $150 and daily storage fee of $25.

Citizens can also use the online Phase 3 database to search for any past-due amounts owed to the City such as Emergency Medical Services (ambulance runs) , false alarm fees, Office of Administrative Hearings fees (building code violations and litter violations), etc. by searching by name and current or previous addresses, at the following link  If citizens have past-due fines, they can simply fill out the Phase 3 application and mail in the information and payment.

Citizens and businesses should take this opportunity to pay back outstanding parking fines and miscellaneous fees without penalty or interest if paid before June 30, 2011. This is the City's final attempt to settle delinquent accounts before turning the accounts over to collection agencies.

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