Lakota board approves budget cuts

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - The Lakota School Board voted unanimously "yes" to the district's $10.2 million reduction plan. The plan will eliminate 72 teaching positions.

"We will try and make these reductions through attrition," said Ron Spurlock, interim superintendent. "That is where our retirement incentive package is going to help, and for people that were on limited contracts."

Operational reductions total $3.7 million and includes cuts to transportation, athletics and reduction in services from school resource officers.

Personnel cuts include eliminating reading specialists and media specialists. Spurlock says there will be fewer educators throughout the district next year.

"The teachers that our kids have, we love them, so we definitely don't want to see good teachers go to waste or be put out of a job," said Crystal Wash, parent. "So it is certainly a concern."

Prior to the new teacher contract, the budget reduction plan looked much worse for the district. It included eliminating more than 100 teacher positions. Many parents are satisfied with the new plan and that the district is moving forward.

"We're thrilled we are absolutely thrilled that we can actually move forward and get the community back on track for what we need to do to make sure the school system stays as excellent as it is," said Kelley Casper, parent.

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