Could you survive a money meltdown?

By Ben Swann - email

(FOX19) - A blog post for the CDC posted only days ago, "Preparedness 101:  Zombie Apocalypse."

The goal of the tongue-in-cheek blog, is to draw attention to disaster preparedness.  Do Americans have the basics in the event of a terror attack, an earthquake or a hurricane?   Yes, even for zombies?

"We were on the cutting edge of the housing market crash and with our first child we started looking at our finances seriously and decided that borrowing 100 percent for the house we couldn't afford,"  said Amelia resident Chris Taylor.

Chris and Amy Taylor aren't really worried about zombies.  They are, however, concerned about something much more likely happening.  The U.S. dollar crashing.

Chris says in 2008 when the housing market crashed, their lives were turned upside down.

"We had to short-sale our house and downgrade and so, it's kind the way we need to be able to stand on our own."  says Chris.

So for the Taylors, that meant more than just moving into a smaller home.  It meant being prepared for whatever might come their way, including storing food.

"We've got things like jelly and peanut butter, pasta and canned chicken, juice boxes. Things that last and have a long expiration date on them and we will rotate them out with the other food that we have," said Amy Taylor.

The Taylors are not alone.  Jeremy and Katie Smith live in Anderson Township.  They too are preparing for a possible crash of the U.S. dollar.

They've got a garden and of course food storage of canned goods, dry goods and water.

"I would say that we are being wise in what we are doing," said Katie Smith.

What the Smiths are doing is trying to read between the lines.  Out of control national debt, inflation on the dollar, high gas prices.  A system they believe is unsustainable.

"Economists or people who know what they are talking about who look at history and are able to see what is going on with knowledge, they are saying that something is going to happen and to hear that from different realms all across the board.  I don't know how we are going to avoid that."

These families aren't alone. A quick search online will reveal dozens of sites offering "survival seed packs."  Fruit seeds, vegetable seeds and herb seeds, everything you might need.  For $35 you can start your "survival seed garden." For $150 you can plant a full acre "crisis garden".

"Last year we planted corn and potatoes."  says Jeremy Smith.

The Smith's say they have been teased by some family members and friends for storing food and they know some people think growing your own food, is strange.  Still, both the Smiths and the Taylors take comfort in knowing that what they are doing will prepare them.

Chris Taylor points out, "I lose my job at least for a month we're ok on food."

Peace of mind, whether the crisis is financial, a natural disaster or the inevitable... zombie apocalypse.

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