Joplin native reacts to the tornado

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - The images and video coming from Joplin, MO agonize Elizabaeth Mariner. She grew up on those streets.

"I just can't imagine what it's like," she says.

Elizabeth's parents and her immediate family survived the tornado, but much of the  Joplin she knows is forever changed.

"There were a few beautiful streets that I remember, one along a park with some older homes and it's just, it just gone," she says.

Growing up,  Elizabeth says people worried and prepared for tornados.She knows people did what they could to stay safe. It was the kind of storm that even impacted Elizabeth's sister, 75 miles away in Springfield, Missouri.

"It actually missed them, they were about to head for cover and they actually found debris around their home from St. John's Hospital," she told FOX19.

And now to Elizabeth, the memories and the future of her home town seem all together different.

"I always used to joke and say, yeah, I'm from Joplin, I am the one that got away, my family is all still there, I am the one that escaped. It kind if has a whole new meaning now," she says.

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