Tree crushes family's car following storms

After a round of storms swept through Warren County, The Noland family came outside to find a tree crushing their SUV -- breaking through the car's back seat and out the front windshield.
"I didn't think it could do that much damage," said homeowner David Noland.
"My wife was here the storms went through and she said she heard a big crash and the tree fell on the car," Noland said.
Nolan says he wasn't home when it happened, but was shocked when he pulled in his driveway to find the nearly 50-year-old tree snapped like a toothpick and almost flattening his car, which happened to be not even a year old.
"I came out and I saw the tree laying down then I saw the wiring afterwards," said Candace Richie.
Part of the tree also feel on next door neighbor Candace Richie's roof, knocking out her power line.
"I saw the cloud and then the wind came up and that was it, it happened just like that,"Richie said.
But the Nolands know it could have been worse, they're just thankful no one was inside the car when it happened and that everyone was safe.
"Just glad no one was hurt, it didn't fall on the house, my daughter was home in the living room when in actually happened, so we're just glad it didn't take out the house and no one was in the car," Noland said.
"Somebody could have got hurt, we didn't lose our house so, thank gosh," Richie said.

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