Smartphone apps aim to help people get healthy

(FOX19) - Wouldn't you love to have a dietician tell you every day what to eat to stay healthy or lose weight? Or how about a personal trainer to switch up your fitness routine and show you good form? Both of those things are as close as your smartphone.

Just being more knowledgeable about the calorie count in the food has made me make healthier choices

Lora Anstaett is a busy working mom with 2 children. She chooses fast food for lunch about 4 times a week. But with the help of apps on her smartphone, she chooses healthier foods. Instead of sour cream and cheese she chooses all vegetables and light cheese.

Lora lost 6 pounds in her first month of using the Fast Food Calorie Counter app.

Genine Fallon gave up sugar and started exercising after the birth of her twin sons. When Mark and Patrick were born, Genine weighed nearly 300 pounds. After losing 85 pounds, Genine added yoga and changed the way she eats. Genine uses the Cook This Not That app.

"After church on Sunday I have about 5 minutes to figure out what we're eating for the week… I can scroll through [the app] and pick healthy things, low cal, no sugar, and I hit a button and it transforms it into a grocery list," she said.

Will Revis sells iPhones and Androids for Verizon, and he practices what he preaches when it comes to apps

"You can really tailor the experience with the device to what you're looking for. Do you want just weight management, do you want dieting advice, do you want a cookbook?" said Revis.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of app's you can put on your smartphone to help you stay healthy.  They might cost as much as $8 apiece but most of them are free.

Five Seasons Fitness Director Mark Peace says apps are great for exercise too.  They can teach you new routines, add variety to your workout, and keep you accountable.  He likes the My Fitness Pal app.

"Remember it takes 21 days to form a habit, 90 days to form an addiction. So if they stick with an app, get some new workouts, different routines, some of the fitness apps have adjust your heart rate so you know what zone to train in for fat burning or whatever you're looking for," said Peace.

Being healthy is all about choices. Lora & Genine are making their choices with a lot more information, found just a finger's touch away.