The Hangover 2 will leave you grabbing for the aspirin

I really wanted to like The Hangover 2, but I didn't. I didn't hate it, it just didn't wow me like The Hangover did. The cast is pretty much the same. The plot is pretty much the same. But it's lacking something the original had...heart.

Director/Producer Todd Phillips has created a mean-spirited tale that takes place in Thailand. Stu, (Ed Helms) the dentist, is getting married, and his bride's family has requested the ceremony take place in their Asian homeland. So the guys pack up, head east, and prepare to party.

Phil, (Bradley Cooper), convinces Stu to have a beer on the beach with Doug, Alan and Teddy, the sixteen year old brother of Stu's bride-to-be. Of course, one beer is the catalyst to yet another drug and alcohol induced adventure.

The "Wolf Pack" wake up in a Bangkok dive, hungover, and missing Teddy. So of course the guys try to piece together what happened the night before, trace their steps and go in search of the missing teen. Sound familiar?

The one good part of this formula that carried over from the first movie is the performance of Zach Galifianakis (Alan). The guy is hilarious. Other than that, the film falls flat. It's hard for me to find humor in a severed finger, or a cigarette-smoking monkey that specializes in the skill that made Linda Lovelace famous.

The film also offers up a few bizarre surprises that include Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) involved in an international police plot. And a strip club that features what I'll politely call, real "pole"dancers.

There's no question that this movie's going to be a blockbuster. But if you're really looking for laughs, check out Bridesmaids. It's a much funnier film.